Unidentified person hijacks EgyptAir flight

An unidentified person reportedly hijacked an Egypt Air flight on last day. As per reports the flight has been diverted to Larnaca airport in Cyprus by the hijacker. Cyprus is a small island nation in the Mediterranean Sea. It is situated near Greek and Turkey. And, it is popularly known as the Republic of Cyprus.   It is said that the flight, which was supposed to travel from Alexandria to Cairo, carried nearly eight one passengers excluding crew members and pilots. Reports say that the flight was hijacked by an unidentified passenger, who claimed that he was carrying a belt bomb. The hijacker insisted the pilots to divert the direction of travel, added report. According to information, Flight MS181 is the official name of that aircraft which was unexpectedly hijacked by an unidentified passenger. The motive behind the attack is not yet revealed. It is said that the hijacker has not demanded any ransom until now. Surprisingly, the hijacker has released the local passengers after brief negotiations with the flight authorities. Anyway, he has not released foreign nationals and the crew members of the aircraft. It is learned that at least four foreign passengers were there in the flight. A latest video footage from the spot conforms that the local passengers were released by the hijacker and they were completely out of danger. Media reported as Cyprus foreign minister as saying; there is only one hijacker in the flight and he had not demanded any ransom. According to report, the last formal-information from the flight was from the pilot, who said that he was forced to divert the flight by a man. Report added that the man threatened the pilot with a belt bomb.


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