US avenges Moscow attack, expels Russian envoy

In a move to express extreme disapproval against the recent attack on a United States diplomat at Moscow, Washington, D.C. has send back two Russian diplomats. It is learned that the diplomates were told to leave the country on or before June seventeen. The United States alleged that a Russian security officer had attacked the US diplomat while he was standing near the US consulate at Moscow on June 6.  US mentioned it as an unprovoked action, and showcased it to elucidate the rising attacks on US diplomates. Meanwhile, the Russian authorities denounced the allegations raised against them by the US government, saying the Russian police was trying to save the US consulate from an unidentified attacker. Russian authorities claimed that the, so called, US diplomat has not showed his identity card, when requested by the officials. They added that instead of cooperating with the police officials, he tried to engage in a scuffle with them.In a statement, Russians expressed some doubts over the identity of the person, and alleged that he is an undercover officer. The tension between Russia and US escalated after the Moscow’s annexation of Ukraine, which prompted the EU and US to impose a sanction on the Russian government. Since then, the global world has felt a huge rift between the former allies. It reflected heavily on the economic affairs of certain countries.


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