US: Democrats stage sit-in protest in parliament, demand gun-control law

The Democrats have staged a strong protest in the US Parliament demanding a feasible gun-control law, on the wake of raising gun-attacks across the country. As per report, Democrat members led by a veteran member, John Lewis, have conducted a sit-in protest inside the Parliament meeting hall. The Republicans had tried to avert the crisis tactically by switching off the Parliament TV cameras. But, the Democrats used online platform to connect with the people, and raise the issue in the public platform. Recently, in one of the terrible gun-attacks in the US history nearly forty-nine people had been killed and several others injured when an alleged IS terrorist open fired at the Pulse Club in Orlando. The democrat representative reportedly asserted that they cannot turn their years away from the innocent morns. Through his twitter handle, the US president Barak Obama extended his support to the democratic representative. Meanwhile, Republican Speaker Paul Ryan made several failed attempt to continue the house functions denouncing the sit-in protest as a mere publicity stand. In an exclusive interview to CNN, Mr Ryan claims that the gun-control rules would infringe the constitution guaranteed civil rights of a common citizen. Experts say that even if the bill is bought into the house there are only feeble chances to pass the bill. Earlier, the republican dominated house had several times defeated similar bills in the past.


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