US Pharma denies to supply drugs for capital punishment

The biggest pharma conglomerate, Pfizer, has expressed their disagreement in using their drugs for capital punishment, saying they are obliged to save the life of people. As per media report, a company spokesmen says that the company is not willing to allow the US government to use their drugs for the capital punishment. It is said that the US government has often used Pfizer’s drugs to carry out the lethal injection process. Highlighting their moto, the company spokesmen reportedly asserts that their medicines are not meant to end the life of the people. He added that it is aimed at saving the precious human life. It is learned that the US government will not get any open market drugs to carry out their infamous lethal injection punishment anymore because the Pfizer’s drugs was the last available drug in the open market for this purpose. History read that the lethal injection is the most common way of executing the infamous capital punishment in the United States and its federations. The human rights organisations have always raised strong criticism against the cruel capital-punishment practiced by the world’s most-powerful nation. Earlier, nearly twenty pharma conglomerates had expressed similar opinion about the usage of their drugs for this inhuman purpose. However, the company reportedly claims that they would make sure that their drugs will continue to be available for all ailing persons who rely on their drugs. Anyway, it is learned that the company will hereafter sell the drugs on the condition that the buyers will not re-sell the drugs to corrections establishment.


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