US State Secretary makes remarkable visit to Hiroshima

With a remarkable visit to the Hiroshima memorial, US Secretary of State John Kerry has virtually washed away the sensitive wound made by the US nuclear bomb attackers on Japan during the Second World War. Until his visit, neither any top US-official has ever visited the Hiroshima Memorial nor expressed any apology over the fatal attack. In mid-1945, nearly one lakh forty-thousand people had been brutally killed in the nuclear bomb attack on Hiroshima by the United States led force. It is learned that apart from Mr Kerry several other senior G7 leaders have also visited the spot. As per reports, these leaders are currently staying in Japan to attend a high-level committee-meeting of G7. International reports reveal that the senior leaders took the opportunity to visit the renowned Hiroshima museum and Bomb Dome, which clearly portrays the intensity of the brutal incident. Since majority of the US politicians are not willing to consider the nuclear attack as the US’s brutality, the new developments gain more relevance. It is said that the preponderance of US leaders views the nuclear attack on Japan as an inevitable action to cease the fatal Second World War. History reads: the nuclear bomb attack on Japan had forced the country to surrender and subsequently the Second World War marked its much-needed end. Reports say that US President Barack Obama is likely to visit Hiroshima in coming May. If it is so, then it can be said that a powerful Asian front is under construction. Experts say that the US-Japan cooperation will definitely help both counties to overcome the increasing threats from China.


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