Venezuela to kick-start recall-referendum; CNE begins identity verification

The Venezuelan election council has informed the signatories of the recall petition, seeking ousting of the supremo, to appear before the regional election council centres for the identity verification. As per report, around 1.3 million citizens have submitted a petition demanding a referendum to remove the tainted President, Nicolas Maduro. It is learned that the opposition acquired enough support to kick-start a recall-referendum procedure. As per Venezuelan law, at least one percentage voters of the entire voting population should sign the recall-petition to start the process. In the current scenario, the opposition parties already grabbed large popular-support in the beginning stage itself. Anyway, it may need around twenty percentage vote share to pass the second stage of the recall-referendum. Meanwhile, the government alleged that the opposition has used fraud procedure to obtain the signature. Moreover, the government authorities stated that they included the signatures of even dead persons and minors in the petition presented before the election council. Earlier, the election commission also raised similar argument, saying at least six lakh votes in the petition presented before the council is invalid. Meanwhile, the opposition will get two weeks’ time to mobilise the signatories for the verification process. In the recall-petition filed on May 2, the voters alleged that the newly elected government is spoiling the economy of the country. However, to pass the final stage of the recall process, the opposition has to acquire greater number of votes than the supremo’s vote share.


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