Vietnam parliament elects new supremo

Amidst terrible financial crisis and mounting security concerns, the new supremo Nauyen Xuan Phuc on last day took the helm of the Vietnamese government. The election was largely a mere procedure as the communist party had already selected MR Phuc as the sole candidate for the post on last January. In this communist nation, the parliament does not have any powerful voice in the selection process of the supremo of the country. As per reports; nearly four hundred and forty-six members of the four-hundred and ninety member Vietnam parliament voted in favour of Mr Phuc. Earlier, he was the governor of the country’s central province and later became the deputy Prime Minister of this iron curtain country. He was one of the most-prominent political leaders of this Asian country. A regional media reported as Mr Phuc as saying; he will efficiently coordinate the cabinet ministry, the parliament and administrative departments to deliver an efficient administration to the people. He will try his level best to overcome the financial crisis and security threats, it added. It is said that the new government will successfully revamp the administrative structure of the state and give a boost to the much-awaited start-up culture. Experts claim that the boosting of state revenue and strengthening of security measures are the top issues before the new supremo. Anyway, the new Prime Minister had reportedly asserted that he will efficiently wipe out corruption form each and every corridors of the administrative network.


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