Volkswagen India withdraws 1.5-litre diesel models over emission issue

In a surprising announcement in the Indian automobile sector, Volkswagen India, semi-luxury vehicle manufacturers, announced that this German based company is planning to withdraw its 1.5-litres diesel model vehicle from the market over emission problem. Reports say that the company will recall nearly three thousand eight hundred and seventy seven Vento cars from the Indian automobile markets. It is learned that the technical defect was mostly detected in the vehicles in which manual gearbox is preferred over the automatic gearbox. Medias reported that an automotive research body under the Indian government recently found that Vento cars with 1.5 litre diesel engine, manufactured by German automobile conglomerate, Volkswagen, shows improper level of carbon emission. And, unfortunately, it further discovered that the emission level often exceeds the permitted levels, report added. Subsequently, the company declared that on the wake of new findings it is planning to withdraw these vehicles temperately. Meanwhile, it avowed that the company would formulate effective solution to overcome the crisis. Notably, the company had not given adequate promises to those customers who are currently holding these technically imperfect vehicles manufactured by the German automobile giant. Earlier, the company had faced drastic backlash in the world market over the cheat device allegations. However, now, the Indian unit of the company avows that the new problem is not related to the cheat device issue.


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