Colombian police arrests ex-supremo’s brother

Colombian police on last day reportedly arrested the brother of ex-supremo Alvaro Uribe over murder charges. The ex-President’s brother, Santiago Uribe, has reportedly constituted a semi-military force to tackle crimes in Antioquia region. The group named Twelve Apostles was organised in early 1990s allegedly at the behest of the then President’s family members. It was primarily involved in the anti-leftist movement and anti-criminal movement. Later, it contributed in eradicating the drug mafia. It is said that the semi-military organisation had vanished several extreme leftist rebels and gangsters during late 90s. The group was popularly known as the ‘death squad’. Recently, a former police officer confessed that the infamous squad was controlled by ex-Presidents family members. Meanwhile, he claims that he cannot present any evidence to prove his statement. However, Mr. Santiago has denied the allegations levelled against him by the investigators. Interestingly, it is said that people have wholeheartedly cooperated with the death squad and often accepted rewards to turn a blind eye against the human rights violations. The opposition have raised severe criticism against the ruling government for utilizing the power to denounce the opponents. It seems that the new development would bring heated debates in the senate house in coming session. It is said that the opposition is firmly standing behind the former President and his family members.


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