A rustic sculpture of Melania Trump was made in Slovania

A rustic sculpture of US first lady, Melania Trump was made in her home town in Slovenia. The figure was cut from the trunk of a living linden tree. This was built in a field beside the Sava River in the village of Rozno, near Slovenia.

The sculpture was commissioned by Berlin-based American artist Brad Downey. A local folk artist Ales Zupevc carved the figure with a chainsaw.

The figure cannot actually be said as a perfect sculpture. The face of the sculpture is rough-hewn and unrecognizable.

The figure shows the lady wearing a pale blue dress that Melania wore at Donald Trump’s inauguration as U.S. president.

Mr. Brad Downey, who commissioned the sculpture said that he wanted to have a dialogue with his country’s political situation, and highlight Melania Trump’s status as an immigrant married to a president sworn to reduce immigration.

Image courtesy: thehindu .com, nypost .com / images are subject to copyright