A suicide scene went wrong: Italian actor ends up in coma

When Mirages, an experimental theatre, wrongly crossed the narrow boundary between the reality and the performance, a famous Italian actor Raphael Schumacher has suffered its tragic consequence. Reports say that the actor was accidently strangled during an onstage live performance and he ended up in coma after the fatal incident. An International Media reported that Schumacher was performing in a prestigious program at Pisa in Italy when the tragedy happened. A probe is on and the investigative team has reportedly questioned the crew members and the close relative and friends of the actor. An initial investigative report reveals that the actor had not used proper safety materials during the scene. It is learned that the investigative authorities are reportedly considering a possibility of a suicide attempt. Reports say that the twenty-seven year old actor had recently lost his father and had an unpleasant break-up. However, the actor’s mother reportedly denied the investigator’s suicide theory.  According to the report, she claims that his son had successfully overcome the past and he won’t try to commit suicide. While speaking to an International Media, De Luca, the art director of the show, revels that the actor had himself made a last minute correction in the script and included the suicide scene in the act instead of a fake gunshot. Schumacher is a famous monologue actor in Italy. He is renowned for his experimental acting style.


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