Again! North Korea test-fires ballistic missiles

Despite international sanction and strict-warning against its aggressive weapon testing, the North Korea, again, has test-fired ballistic missiles. The reports about the provocative action have been published by the South Korea, which is facing a serious threat from its aggressive neighbour. It is learned that the iron curtain country has tested two ballistic missiles. Reports say that though the initial test failed to provide anticipated result, the second missile tasted success. The International Medias reported that the dictatorial nation had faced several failures in the past before grabbing a final victory. For the last several months, the nation was totally immersed in the missile research, and it have reportedly invested huge sum for the purpose. Meanwhile, the South Korea is likely to convene a top level security-meeting on Today to deliberate on the missile test and threats caused by the test.

The scientists reportedly observed that the intense pressure from the top officials or supremo may be forcing the scientist to conduct frequent test. They added that in the normal conditions, the scientist would not commit frequent test. If a test is failed, the scientists would take a long time to formulate another test to avert all possible chances of a potential failure, it further added. It is learned that the United States and Japan have strongly condemned the ballistic test conducted by the communist nation. The NK’s missile poses serious threats to the United States, Japan and South Korea.



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