Ahead of Chinese top-official’s visit, HK tightens internal security

The Hong Kong’s security officials have increased the security measures in the region ahead of Zhang Dejiang’s visit to the state. For last few years, the region is clearly witnessing series of protest demanding freedom from the Chinese supremacy. As Mr Dejiang is responsible for the Hong Kong’s affairs in China, the three-day visit of this top Chinese leader is gaining unexpected popular-attention and significance. International Medias reported that the authorities have deployed nearly six thousand officials to ensure the internal security. It is learned that the third highest leader of Chinese Communist government will attend an economic conference and convene productive meetings with pro-democratic leaders. While speaking to reporters, Mr Dejiang ensures that the Chinese government is willing to hear the opinion of all dissident factions. In a report released by the Chinese local medias, it is said that the security officers forcibly confiscated yellow umbrellas from those people who gathered near airport to see the leader, as it is considered as the symbol of democratic movement. In early 2014, the pro-democratic movement broke out in Hong Kong with thousands of protesters took the streets to express their grievance. This is for the first time after the emergence of pro-democratic movement a Chinese top official is visiting Hong Kong. In 1997, when HK was returned to China, the then British government had formulated a handover agreement ensuring freedom and special status to HK. However, the HK’s pro-democratic leaders consider increasing interference of the Chinese mainland on HK’s day-to-day affairs as a breach of agreement. Experts claim that the Chinese government is confused and disturbed, and their concerns are reflected through the hike of security measures.



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