Alluring Personality …- Anupama Parameshwaran

Director Alphonse Puthran’s second hit Premam has reached all around the globe spreading colourful butterflies, which stand for love.

The roaring success of the multi-starrer hit has changed the life of Anupama Parameshwaran.  She played Mary who is the first love of George (Nivin Pauly). With just two songs – Aluva Puzhayude Theerathu and Pathivayi Njan…  Anupama has etched a niche for herself and has become a favourite among the Malayali crowd.  She calls herself fortunate to have been a part of this massive hit movie.

Hailing from Irinjalakuda, the 19 year old says that the city helped her discover the inborn talent and has moulded her as a person. The chirpy actress, who describes herself as a naughty person, hopes for a bright future in the world of cinema.

Anupama shares about her Premam moments to Unique Times …

  1. Premam in a short …

It is about love and the phases in life which everyone has experienced, at least once in a life time.

  1. So how did you feel after the success of Premam and being accepted by the mass?

If it has touched many lives, it’s because of the teamwork and mutual support in the team. And it did show on screen too … I couldn’t have asked for more than this, ‘a massive hit debut’.

I’m happy and I feel like I’m on top of the world… I really can’t express it in words. It was a helluva experience. Its success has made me feel more responsible as an actor.

  1. Did you expect it to be a gigantic hit?

To be frank … No I didn’t… but had hopes and had full confidence in the team.

  1. How did movies happen to you?

There was this friend of mine who had seen a casting call for Premam on some social media … she then forwarded some of my pictures, selfies to the team and then I was selected after the auditions. So I owe a lot to her…

  1. Without a filmy background, weren’t you nervous facing the camera?

I’m from Thrissur, which is known as the land of arts and culture. I’m passionate about art, music, dance and drama. And with the support of my parents I have been able to give wings for my passion.  I’m a drama artist too, so I don’t have any stage fear but facing the camera was a frightful. I was self conscious about my hair and looks, but then everyone in the team loved my hair and boosted my confidence.  My co-star, director and the whole team made me comfortable and made my job easier!

  1. What do you have to say about Alphonse Puthran and his style of movies?

A gem to be precise… He as a person is more important to me than a director. He has influenced me to a very large extent. He is a person who is fun loving and optimistic by nature.  All credit goes to him if   Premam is a success today. He is very dedicated and hardworking when on work.

  1. So which of his movies would be your favourite Neram or Premam?

Obviously Premam because I’m a part of it (chortles). Both the movies cannot be compared because the styles are different and even the story is different.

  1. How was the experience working with Nivin Pauly?

Hmmm … Nivin Pauly has been my favourite till date and would always remain as my favourite always. He takes a little time to mingle, but is a fun person to be with. He is very helping and caring too.

  1. Any unforgettable or funny moments

It would be my first day of shoot … Nivin chettan had come infront of me with a dazzling smile all of a sudden in the school uniform and I actually could not recognise himfor some time. But then later when I did understand that this boy is Nivin Pauly, I was shocked to see the transformation he has made for his character…

  1. Weren’t you scared to make a debut with 3 female leads?

I believe   the victory of a movie is decided by the storyline and not the actors. If the story has touched the people, then for sure they can connect with the characters and actors too. So I wasn’t scared of making a debut with Sai Pallavi (Malar) or Maddona Sebastian (Celine).

  1. About Malar and Celine …

I have not had any combination scenes with both of them. But then all three of us are good friends. I’m more close to Sai Pallavi …

  1. Who is your favourite in Premam and why?

My favourite would be Malar. Malar was a character only meant for Sai Pallavi and she has done full justice to her character. I guess everyone who has seen the movie could relate with her character… She (Malar) was magical.

  1. Favourite song from the movie

My favourite song would be Malare … it’s the best melodies I have ever heard with an apt picturisation and lyrics.

  1. Favourite dialogues from the movie

(Giggles) It would be these 3-4 hilarious dialogues …

Vimal sir’s (Vinay Fort) dialogue about impressing Malar (Sai Pallavi) and his explaination about Java in class… ‘Java simple aanu… pinne Java valare powerfullum aanu…’

When a man passes a comment about Malar (Sai Pallavi), George (Nivin Pauly) in a full on rage whacks him and says … ‘Mata Pitha Guru Deivam’!

And after George’s (Nivin Pauly) first heart break, he says to himself (about Mary)… ‘Oru then eecha koodu polathe mudi… Nee podi Chaala Mary’!

  1. Any dream roles?

Hmm … I would like to do challenging and bold characters …like one of my favourite would be of Tabu in Kandukondein Kandukondein. And even the kind of bold characters done by Shobhana and Manju Warrier.

  1. Who are the directors you would like to work with in future?

I would like to work with Alphonse Puthran again.  And yes … Mani Ratnam sir.

  1. Now what next?

I’m going through scripts and would take up a film slowly, which would suit me (smiles).

Amala Muraleedharan