Angolan leader’s kin losses defamation case against ‘Call of Duty’

Angolan leader’s kin on last day lost a defamation case filed against game makers of ‘Call of Duty’ for badly depicting Jonas Savimbi in its latest game series. Jonas Savimbi, an Angolan rebel leader, who was killed in 2002 in a conflict zone, was the anti-communist war leader of Angola. He was badly depicted in the action game series as a brutal opponent by the game makers. At the same time, after hearing the verdict his family members reportedly claim that he was not such a brutal personality. Anyway, the game makers still stand close to their initial opinion that it is their right to freedom of expression that they are utilising. Meanwhile, they reminded the public that he, Savambi, was a war-leader who committed numerous brutalities in Angola. Anyhow, while dismissing the case, a French court found that the case and the subject do not come under their jurisdiction. Three sons of the Angolan leader are currently staying in French that is why they approached a French court with their complaint. Savimbi is the founder leader of an anti-communist organisation, named Unita. During cold war era, he enjoys enormous support from western capitalistic world because Angola was then one of the virtual battlegrounds of US and USSR. Earlier, in early 2014, a US court quashed a similar case filed by Panama Dictator Manuel Noriega for badly depicting his image in the game series.



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