Argentina declares new national plan for the eradication of gender violence  


In order to fight against the rising gender violence incidences in Argentina, the supremo, Mauricio Macri, has declared a new national plan for the eradication of gender violence. According to a survey report released by the Argentinean agency, every thirty-seven hours a woman was attacked in the country. Interestingly, the Argentinean President announced that the education is the only way to eliminate the deeply rooted violent culture of the country. As per the report, the ambitious plan includes creating the electronic tagging of violent men and establishing a network of women refugees. It is learned that the plan, announced by the government, is the brainchild of the supremo and will start next year.

Around two hundred and thirty-five women were killed in the gender violence incidents in the country on last year, says survey report. While speaking to the reporters, the President claims that it is not only the job of the government but also the job of the society to ensuring the proper implementation of the plan. It will take at least three years for the entire implementation process, confirmed a source. Meanwhile, the president of the National Council of Women Argentina, Maria Fabiana Tunez, announced that the awareness campaigns will be conducted in the education institutions across the country as a part of the national plan. For the last few years, entire Latin America is witnessing strong protest against the mounting gender violence incidents.




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