Armenian row: German MPs voted against Turks


While the German administration is eagerly waiting to achieve a stable policy with the Turks over the migrant issue, its MPs voted against the Turkish government’s declaration on the infamous Armenian massacre. The resolution cleared by the house declared that the Armenian massacre is the clear case of a brutal genocide. Meanwhile, the Turkish government strongly denounced the German resolution, saying it is a concrete example of disrespect and ignorance. Pointing on the Nazi brutalities, a senior Turkish minister reportedly alleged that the Germans should not try to cover the dark pages of its own tainted history by tarnishing the history of other countries through some baseless and irresponsible allegations. Anyway, Armenians welcomed the voting, saying it is a valuable contribution to the ailing country, which had suffered extreme brutality of an ethnic clash. International Media reported as Edward Nalbandian, Armenian foreign minister, as saying; the international recognition of the infamous Armenian genocide is a valuable contribution to the country. According to report, Armenians claimed that nearly 1.5 million Armenians were brutally slaughtered during the First World War. At the same time, Turks pointed out that several Turkish people were also killed during the World War One after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, and they reportedly denied accepting that they had conducted any organised program to wipe out its ethnic rivals. Notably, Germans accepted that their then government had failed to block the violence effectively, and admitted that they were obliged to prevent such atrocities from causing as they were one of the strategic partners of the Ottoman Empire during that era. It is learned that the Turkish government has suddenly recalled their envoy to Germany to express their strong disapproval. Interestingly, Germans declined to deliver an emotional reaction to the Turk’s provocation. The German Supremo, Angela Merkel, reportedly declared that the German-Turkey relation is very strong so some small indifference in the opinion will not affect the binding force between the nations.



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