Audit exposes huge corruption in Nigeria, expels ghost employees

In a game changing movement, Nigerian government on last day effectively eradicated a huge bureaucratic corruption from the administrative structure. In a survey conducted by the Nigerian financial ministry, it found that at least twenty four thousand ghost workers were working in the country and they were consuming a large chunk of money from the treasury as their salary. Reports say that the government expelled non-existing workers from the pay role list after compiling the survey report and details. The movement was a past of anti-corruption movement that was initiated by the President Muhammadu Buhari since his induction in the power on last year. For last few decades, the corruption was badly hunting the Africans most-promising government which was powered by a well-stable oil reserve. Ever since the beginning of global oil crisis, the country had started a powerful monitoring process to bring down the expenditure. Currently, the African nation is in the edge of financial bailout due to the unstable inflation rates and weak economic stability. The auditing process has tactically used biometric data and bank details to bring out an error free dosser, reports an international media. Meanwhile, the authorities assure that the government will do similar surveys here after to ensure a corrupt-less government. However, it seems that the new movement will help the country to overcome the economic crisis.


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