Back to normal: Venezuela lifts power regulations  



The Venezuelan government has lifted the power regulation imposed on the country due to the severe drought and water shortage. Since late April, the country is facing nearly four hour power-cut daily. It has invited national wide outrage against the ruling government. Subsequently, the government clarified that El Nino weather phenomena has created severe droughts across the country resulted to shortage of water in the Guri dam so the government had had to impose power-cuts to overcome the power crisis. Interestingly, the government has given some unfamiliar advises to the peoples to lower the power usage. It advised the women to stop using hair dryers. Meanwhile, it also imposed several unusual regulations on the government offices by regulating its working hours to two-days in a week.

In contrary to the ruling government’s claims, the opposition alleges that the government has failed to made productive investments in the electricity sector. It added that it is the high time for the authorities to divert the attention from traditional hydro-electric sector, and embrace most-modern methods. The power crisis has severely affected the people who are living in the hottest regions of the country. Along with the electricity crisis, the country is also suffering from the food scarcity. Now, President Maduro assured that the country has recovered from the power crisis, and the people will get normal service hereafter.





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