Better monsoon, but villages still thirsty


In several regions of our country, the monsoon has extensively blessed the villages with unanticipated, high rate of rainfall. It will definitely help the agricultural sector to active a significant improvement. To an extent, it will partially solve the water shortage, faced by the dry villages. In contrary to the speculations, a new report released by the IMD reminds us we cannot simply relax. In the report, it says that more than quarter of our villages has not received proper rainfall. Specifically, around one hundred and seventy-eight villages are presently suffering from inadequate rainfall. Meanwhile, some other villages have experienced excess rainfall. From the information, we can easily assume that the climate change is badly affecting the country. As we all know, the monsoon rains are one of the strong supportive factors to the agrarian section.

Over sixty per cent of the Indian rural population depends on the agricultural sector for their livelihood. Experts says, even a slight fluctuation to the monsoon rains will make a huge difference in the agricultural production. Bihar, Odisha, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh are marked among the states that hold a large number of districts with the scarcity of rainfall. Notably, these states are strong agrarian economies. Anyway, this time, the monsoon has spared Maharashtra and other centre states from their wicked game. So far, Maharashtra has experienced normal rainfall across the state. If we closely examine the overall picture, our country has gained better rainfall this monsoon. Moreover, the indicator now stays at least one per cent above the anticipated mark. However, unless and until we create feasible policies to check the climate change we will be forced to erase our big dreams of economic growth.




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