BJP to concentrate on UP elections: senior leaders meet state’s MPs

Focusing on Uttar Pradesh elections, BJP senior leaders on last day convened a meeting with UP MP’s to constitute election strategy. As the state is nearing elections, BJP expects an astonishing victory on the election which is expected to happen on next year. While speaking to the UP MPs, PM Modi reportedly tested their knowledge about the central government schemas. PM reportedly asked the MPs several queries regarding the rural electrification schemas. It is learned that the supremo had not been served with any satisfactory reply, and most of the MP were even unaware about the mobile app GARV, which delivers latest details about rural electrification program. Anyway, while concluding his speech, PM insisted his party MPs that they should spread the NDA government’s schemas which were articulated for the welfare of the poor rural population. During the last Lok Sabha elections, BJP had successfully secured an unbelievable victory in Uttar Pradesh by grabbing seventy one out of eighty seats in the state. Meanwhile, the Party president Amit Shah advised MPs to concentrate on publicising the people-friendly projects- like free LPG for BPL cards- during their poll campaign. At the same time, senior party member and Cabinet Minister M Venkaiah Naidu demanded that the MPs should not miss any of the standing committee meetings and Parliament panel meetings. According to the reports, the party made some significant changes in various committees. It is said that the unenthusiastic and senior members were replaced with some young blood. However, the meeting decided to defend the Rohith Vemula issue, intolerance debate and JNU issue. It observed that the congress party had themselves created their grave by backing some of the ant-national movements. Anyhow, while addressing in the members, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley claims that the party is enjoying a perfect advantage in the state after introducing a people friendly budget. It seems that though the party has an advantage in UP, the Dalit factor would most probably jolt its base in the state.


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