Boko Haram exercising terrible violence in Africa: UN  


The latest report released by the United Nations confirmed that the Islamic Terror organisation of Africa, Boko Haram, is exercising terrible violence in the continent, particularly in North-eastern Nigeria. As per report, the International organisation accused the Islamic militant group of conducting unimaginable violence across the continent. A UN humanitarian co-ordinator reportedly told an International media that the terrible violence practised by the militants has forced nearly tens of thousands of people to flee the African nations in search of peace. According to the latest survey report published by the International human rights watchdog, nearly nine million people need foreign humanitarian aids. UN Security Council claims that the Boko Haram, which pledged allegiance to the infamous terror group, ISIS, has performed barbaric violence on the innocent population.

Meanwhile, some factions reportedly allege that the anti-militant forces that are fighting the Boko militants are not properly assisted with significant financial aids. A shocking fact is that the Boko militants often use children for the suicide bomb operations. The infamous militant organisation was founded in 2002 to restricting western education. Anyway, eventually, it emerged as an aggressive militant group. By 2009, it had entered into active militant operations. Subsequently, it has tried all violent means including terror attacks, abduction, bombing and several others to disrupt the state of order of Nigeria and its neighbouring countries. The abduction of 200 school girls has created huge uproar across the world. Though the security forces and UN aided forces have regained preponderance of the regions from the militants, they have not yet completely eliminated the thread. It is evident, from the available facts, that a strong external interference, particularly from the UN agency, is urgently needed to reinstating peace in the region.




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