Boon or bane, anyway; Aadhaar becomes reality

Omitting major changes which were recently suggested by the upper house, the lower house on last day cleared the much-awaited Aadhaar bill. With this, the bill will get the much-needed legal backing from the constitution for effective implementation of the project. Notably, the opposition parties including congress and the leftist organisations have not raised much-objection on the bill. It is said that through this identification program, the centre is aiming to seal the leakage channels of the subsidy schemas. With the proper implementation of the unique identity number program, the centre hopes that it can directly reach out to the needy population. The whole concept of Aadhaar card is to help transfer the government subsidies to the ailing population without mediators or delay. The project was initially formulated by the former congress-led UPA government during their second tenure in centre. It will act as a catalyst to some ambitious projects like Jan Dhan Yojena and several others which were introduced by the Modi regime to ensure the welfare of needy population. It is learned that while introducing the project in the Rajya Sabha recently, the opposition raised three critical queries. When the initial question pointed on the mandatory character of the project, the latter one consciously stressed on the privacy concerns of the country’s population. However, the third query was comparatively week and was targeted on the accountability and accessibility of the card. Anyhow, the ruling government have managed to overcome the hindrances tactically. It can be said that the popularity of the project among the youth population and the assurance made by the senior officials on the confidentiality of the personal dates have provided amble strength to the government to stick on the projects despite rising objections. However, the government assures that the card would not be made a compulsory one. But, it seems that the project will most probably make impressive changes in the Indian society particularly the rural society.


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