Brexit may affect environment, wildlife

The prominent British labour party leader and leftist ideologist, Ed Miliband, has alerted a Brexit may affect the environment and wildlife globally. Media reported that some of the top British leaders have also expressed similar opinion about the incident. Meanwhile, George Eustice, Environment minister, reportedly claimed that the Brexit will confer more powers on the Britain Internationally. It will help the British Empire to acquire more prominence and bargaining power in the global economic scenario, he reportedly added. Anyway, the UK is scheduled to conduct the historic referendum over Brexit on coming June. As the country is nearing towards the significant movement, the last minute opinions and developments gains vital importance. In a pro-EU pamphlet, it is said that the Brexit will affect the global environment so referendum will decide the future of environment. The European Union is the supporting factor of environmental protection and wildlife protection, says pamphlet. Meanwhile, the opposite faction, pro-leave faction, claims that the pro-EU movement in Britain is losing its ground. The European Union is not delivering any good to the United Kingdom or on its people, they added. They prompted the people to vote against the European Union in upcoming referendum. Media reported as a top anti-EU campaigner as saying; the EU has derailed the Britain’s wildlife conservation projects so we should take an independent stand to make independent polices and projects on these issues.



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