Brexit may affect global growth, warns G7

 In a statement published after the industrialist power’s high-level meeting at Japan, the G7 –the US, Canada, Britain, Italy, Germany, France, and Japan- declared Brexit will affect the global growth of the world. They identified that the Brexit, Britain’s exit from the European Union, will alter the present graph of global growth by distorting investment, trade and employment opportunities. Experts say that the information is not a shocking revelation for us as we all are well aware about the aftereffects of the Brexit, but it may influence the British voters who are going to cast their historic vote on coming June 23 over, the much-awaited, referendum on Brexit. Experts added that the detailed study must be done about the aftereffects of Brexit in order to identify the intensity of impact it could cause on the global growth and economy. It is learned that the Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron, is campaigning against the Brexit and it is effectively providing a positive strength to pro-EU camp in the country. Anyway, it is not completely averting the potential pressure raised by the anti-EU campaign. Meanwhile, apart from Brexit, the world powers reportedly discussed the migrant crisis and terroir threats. The meeting termed the growing migrant infiltration to Europe as a ‘global challenge’ and demanded feasible solution to the terror threat, created by Islamic terror groups.  Interestingly, while discussing about the navigation issues and maritime freedom, the global powers have consciously omitted China and the South China Sea dispute.


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