Centre releases latest cleanliness survey report: Mysuru bangs top position

As a detailed analysis report on the effectiveness of Swachh Bharat scheme, Union Development ministry on last day released the cleanliness survey report, Swachh Survekshan. The survey was officially conducted by the Quality Council of India, which is said to be a monitoring body under the urban development department.    According to the report, Mysuru is the most-cleanest city in the country; it is reportedly the second consecutive time that the city is being selected as the top cleanest region. Disappointingly, PM’s constituency, Varanasi, still remains in the list of the worst cities in the cleanliness index. Anyway, Dhanbad resides in the extreme end as the least clean city. This is the first such survey that is conducting in the country after the implementation of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s widely acclaimed project, Swachh Bharat. The survey has included seventy three cities in the list. And, it reportedly used scientific methods to bring out an error free analysis. Even though it gave much importance to sanitation and cleanliness, the survey has also verified several other aspects. While releasing the survey report, Union Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu admits that the government is trying to gather a scientific feedback about the Swachh Bharath project. Other than Mysuru and Chandigarh, Visakapatanam, Surat, Gangtok, and NDMC region of Delhi has managed to enter the top cleanest list. Meanwhile, Asansol, Meerut, Patna, and Varanasi had shared least cleanliness honour with Dhanbad. However, Naidu admits that the southern states and western states were far better than North region while considering the cleanliness index. At the same time, he expressed satisfaction in the growth of the cleanliness mentality of the Northern region. Earlier, a similar survey was conducted in early 2014 by the government authorities. Naidu claims that the survey will help the cities to identify their faults and their current position. He asserts that it will help to formulate more effective and efficient action to revive the region.


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