Centre to develop a committee to close security loopholes


On the wake of the mounting security crisis in the military bases, the centre is planning to develop a committee to find out the loopholes of the security installations in the defence bases. While declaring about the move, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar reveals that the review panel would visit all the major military installations. Recently, a group of terrorists attacked the Pathankot airbase and killed several military persons. Even though the security forces had killed the militants after a powerful counter attack, the militant attack is reportedly evaluated as the aftereffect of a major security failure of the Indian security forces.  Minister claims that the panel would start its work soon and it would visit all the military bases. The committee would study all the minute factors, which will possibly turn into a security loophole, he added.

Moreover, he informed the Media personals that the government had ordered the commanding officers of the military installations to conduct an authentic security-preparedness assessment. It is a genuine effort to root out all the loopholes in the defence sector, he asserts. However, he had not expressed any new opinion about his earlier comment that stirred speculations. His ‘losing patience’ comment had earlier invited strong flakes and speculations from various quarters. Meanwhile, Minister condemned the University attack in Pakistan. Last day, around twenty-one people, was killed and at least 50 injured in a militant attack by the Islamic terrorist group in Bacha Khan University.


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