Chile’s government drops abortion ban….

In a bid to ease abortion laws in the Christian dominated country, Chile’s parliament on last day passed a bill that seeks to lift the controversial abortion ban. As per the bill, the abortion is the right of women. And, in some unfortunate cases like health issues and rape victims, it is an unavoidable choice. Interestingly, the historical bill was forwarded by the ruling leftist government at the behest of Michelle Bachelet. Anyway, the approved bill was carried to the Senate bench for detailed deliberation. If it gets a positive node from the higher authority, the bill will become law in no time. The abortion was banned in the year 1989 by the then military government which was ruled by infamous dictator General Augusto Pinochet. According to the media reports, majority of the opinion polls reveals that the people wholeheartedly welcome the government’s move. Meanwhile, while speaking to media representatives, a lawmaker asserts that it is a historical moment. By doing this, the country provides more importance to women’s rights, he added. The bill was passed with forty four positive votes against twenty negative in the sixty six member assembly. At the same time, the conservative party’s lawmakers have strongly criticised the government move to legalise abortion. They reportedly claim that it is an injustice to unborn human beings. Including Chile and El Salvador, nearly seven Latin American nations impose blindly on abortion as it is totally against the conservative morals.


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