Colombia govt, FARC ink peace-treaty, end five-decade of war

Ending five-decade of fatal war, the Colombian government and FARC force, popularly known as people’s army, signed a peace treaty in a bid to restore peace in the region. As per report, the government is expected to make a formal announcement about the peace initiative within few weeks. The fatal insurgency has created devastating effects in the interior regions across the country. So far, over two lakh people killed and several others were displaced from their homeland due to the terrible conflicts. The Cuban government had formally initiated the peace agreement between FARC and Colombia around three year ago.

Earlier, while speaking in a public function, the Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos, assured that his government would reach a formal peace agreement with FARC within July end. While speaking at the ceremony, the FARC leader, Rodrigo Londono, announced that this is the last day of war. Meanwhile, the Colombian supremo claimed that the country has marked a history by ending a fifty year old war. He also asserted that this is the end of the terrible conflict between FARC and Colombian military forces. It is learned that the United Nation’s Secretory-General Ban Ki-moon and several Latin American politicians have participated in the history ceremony that marked the end of war. The United States and European Union have welcomed the treaty announcing it as a turning point of the Colombian peace process.




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