Colombian forces launch massive raids to destroy cocaine labs

Still, Colombia is one of the largest producers of the illegal, dreaded drug, Cocaine. Despite repeated efforts to shatter the cocaine production and smuggling, the cocaine production labs emerged in every nook and corner of the interior Colombia. The cocaine business had been the prime source of income for the left-wing rebels who established a separate administration in the certain interior regions of the country. The involvement of the left-wing rebels in the crime had made it hard for the anti-drug forces to launch a quick operation against the drug trade. A senior police official told the International reporters that apart from the left-wing rebels certain criminal gangs were also involved in the illicit business. Last day, the security forces had carried out a massive operation to shatter the drug labs functioning in the interior regions of the country. According to the BBC report, the security forces had successfully identified and destroyed several drug production labs in the interior Colombia, which was once a stronghold of left-wing rebels. The raid officials estimated that these labs could produce nearly one hundred tons of cocaine yearly. Meanwhile, the top left-wing rebel leaders had reportedly denounced the police’s claims and announced that the left-wing rebels have no role in such criminal activities. Usually, the drugs produced in the interior Colombia are smuggled into Mexico and other Latin American through active drug channels operated by some International criminals like Joaquin Guzman.


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