Congress to use new-media to shatter BJP’s growing strength

As BJP led NDA government is going to embrace its second anniversary soon, the prominent opposition party, congress, is likely to formulate new effective-methods to defend the BJP’s growing strength. Now, it is said that the social medias and television network may act as a powerful tool in the congress party’s defence strategy. Recently, the centre government had released an attractive catch line, ‘Give Us a Smile’, to celebrate their anniversary. And, moreover, they are preparing to release their achievement dossier on the anniversary day. As per report, the opposition believes that the Modi government has failed to deliver proposed outputs in several sectors like agriculture, education, employment, economy, governance and many more. It added that the government had contributed cast violence and atrocities against minorities during their tenure. On the wake of this situation, the grand-old-party is set to prepare a one minute video combining all the available facts. The video will be circulated through broadcast medias and online media portals. Furthermore, the high level committee of the party is planning to send top leaders to rural regions to expose the, so called, facts about the ruling government. Meanwhile, the party is also keen to articulate a grade card showing actual status of the big programs introduced by the centre government. Till date, the congress party has not demonstrated any effective attack against the ruling BJP led government. On the other hand, the ruling government has continuously attacked the opposition party over series of issues including AgustaWestland.    With a powerful domination in the Lok Sabha, the BJP government is still enjoying a clear advantage in the Parliament.  



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