Delhi statehood: SC to hear petition today; HC quashed Delhi CM’s plea


 The Supreme Court of India on today set to hear a petition filed by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal seeking complete statehood to the state. The petition requested the bench it should clearly declare the constitutional boundary between the democratically elected Delhi government and the Lieutenant Governor appointed by the centre government. For the last few months, Delhi has been witnessing a political tug-of-war between the AAP-led state government and BJP-led centre government. The chaos has badly affected state administration as the Lieutenant Governor at the behest of the union government quashed several key projects including their most-discussed Jan Lokpal bill introduced by the state government. Several times, the Delhi CM alleged that the centre government is intruding into the affairs exclusively reserved to the state government.

Moreover, he has often questioned the enormous power entrusted on the Lieutenant Governor. In several occasions, he has argued for complete freedom to administrate the subjects that comes under the state list. However, on last day, the Delhi High court had unexpectedly given a blow to all these claims by quashing its petition, stating that Delhi is a Union Territory and not a state so its administrative head is the Lieutenant Governor. Even before filing a reconsideration appeal, the Delhi government on today will move to the Supreme Court, which is hearing an original petition filed in midst of the ongoing petition before the Delhi HC. It is said that the issues like the police administration, anti-corruption branch, quashed bills and several other were highlighted in the petition by the Delhi Government. It seems that the AAP and BJP are set to lock horns over the statehood issue. At the end of the day, it is up to the judicial machinery to decide who the actual winner is.





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