Dominican supremo set to embrace victory

The Dominican supremo Danilo Medina is said to be nearing second consecutive victory with a promising vote share in the national election held here on last day. Though the final result is yet to be released, Mr Medina has secured at least sixty percentages of the total votes as per media reports. While addressing a gathering of his supporters, the Democratic Liberation Party leader expressed his extreme happiness, saying his party has successfully secured the support of preponderance of the Dominican citizens. Meanwhile, his prime opponent, Luis Abinader, has declined to express his comment before the final declaration of election result. As per media report, Mr Abinader has successfully achieved nearly thirty-five percentage of the total votes. Recently, Mr Median’s government had revamped the electoral rules in the country in order to remove the constraints over president’s second consecutive term. This Latin American country is presently suffering from poverty and unemployment as the government has failed to create an applicable solution to strengthen the economy. In addition, the opposition party claims that the ruling government is promoting corruption and crimes. However, the ruling government enjoys support from the rural population of the country, which mostly depends on tourism. According to reports, over fourteen percent of the country’s population is unemployed and nearly forty percent of the people are living in poverty. Danilo Medina began his political carrier as a student activist. He marked a powerful note on the Dominican history when he stopped the triumph of the then authoritarian president Joaquin Balaguer.



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