EgyptAir disappears near Mediterranean region; a probe is on


An Egypt Air flight, MS804, which was travelling from Paris to Cairo, has surprisingly vanished from the radar on last day. As per media reports, the authorities have announced a probe into the issue to find the missing flight, which was flying with nearly sixty six passengers excluding crew members. Egypt official expresses suspicion over the involvement of terrorist, saying the flight may be attacked by a terror group as this region is extremely vulnerable to the Islamic militant activates. Earlier, in March, in a similar incident, an Egypt Air flight was unexpectedly hijacked by a militant group, and they reportedly diverted the direction of the flight to Cyprus. Subsequently, the culprit surrendered before the authorities voluntarily and released all the hostages. Meanwhile, it is learned that Briton, France, Greek and Egypt offered complete corporate to the search process.

Preponderance of the travelers on board Egypt Air was middle class persons, who often select budget flights over the expensive flights. And, they were mostly French and Egyptian nationals. Notably, a British citizen was also reportedly found among the missing-person list. International media reported that the Egyptian president directed the concerned departments to take all possible steps to resolve the crisis. Furthermore, the French authorities deployed around three investigative officials along with technical experts to join the investigation. In last October, a flight operated by Russians was allegedly blown up near Egypt by the militants with nearly two hundred and twenty four people on board. The brutal incident evoked worldwide outcry and ignited debates over the flight-safety and protection.




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