EU issues formal warning to Poland

In a bid to protect the rule of law in Poland, the European Union has given a formal warning letter to the newly elected Polish government. Recently, the newly-elected, ‘conservative and populist law and justice’, party had quashed the power of judicial review enjoyed by the Constitutional Tribunal of Poland. The action triggered outrage across the country demanding abolition of newly enacted law on the judicial system. Critics allege that the government is trying to curtail the judicial review and veto power of the judicial top court. They suspects that the country is slowly moving into an authoritarian regime. Earlier, the EU authorities had given an informal warning to the Polish government to avoid all possibilities of a formal action. Putting EU into immense pressure for an official action, the Polish government denied the informal warnings.

Though the Polish government has nearly two weeks to file a response, the formal warning has withheld the voting power of Poland in the EU council meetings. The official commission organised by the EU observed that the Union can pressure any country to change its law if it hurts the fundamental values of EU. Denouncing all negative speculations, the commission clarifies that they are committed to encourage all possible reconciliation talks. They confirmed that the authorities are getting positive response from the polish rightist government. It is learned that Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo has conducted informal talks with the EU top officials, and is looking forward to solve the problem immediately.



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