EU-Turk leaders set to meet at Brussels: motto-‘cease migration’

In an attempt to formulate a long-lasting solution to the migration crisis, European Union members and Turkish representatives are scheduled to meet at Brussels on today. Currently, the member countries of European Union are facing one of the biggest migration crisis since post-World War era. It is learned that the EU has offered financial assistance to the Turkish government to prevent the migrant infiltration. International agencies reported that nearly three billion euro was offered to protest the Turkish borders. As per the information, those people who flew war-affected regions reach Greece, one of the EU member, through Turkish border. The migrants use illegal boat service for the purpose, it added. As per the statistics, at least a million migrants had reached EU on last year using the illegal channel. Some agencies reported that the EU is trying to pursue the Turkish government for creating adequate shelters for migrants in their country itself, instead of aiding them embark to Europe. Some agencies reportedly warned that EU can expect a study in-flow of migrants in coming years. It is said that the NATO has established their base in the Smuggle-prone Aegean Sea to check the human-smuggling. The force has demanded cooperation from both Turkish and Greek naval forces. It will intrude into both navel territories. Unexpectedly, an anti-migrant party has firmly marked a remarkable victory in Slovakia. It seems that the anti-migrant and far-rightist propagandas are rampantly gaining acceptance in European countries.


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