Europe, still, encourages anti-Semitism: EU labels West Bank products

 Decades after the horrible Holocaust, still the Europe is most likely carrying a hidden anti-Semitism; and that was largely evident when it intentionally labelled West Bank products. According to reports, the European Union has decided to label Jewish products from Judea and Samaria, both belongs to controversial West Bank region. In addition to that the Union is further planning to impose a partial restriction to the products from Golan Heights. It is learned that the Union considers these regions as illegally occupied territories under the Israeli government. But, the EU failed to impose similar restrictions on the products of other disputed territories in the world like Chinese occupied Tibetan regain and many more, says expert. If we consider those points we would get a clear picture about the partiality exercised by the European Union, added expert. When a product is labelled by the EU authority, they cannot sustain in the European market. Eventually, those companies which manufacture the products will collapse. Subsequently, the phenomenon leads to the shrinking of Jewish economy. At the same time, it also affects the Palestinian employees working in these companies. Interestingly, it is learned that the Europe is trying to ink a multimillion dollar project with traditional Jewish rival, Iran. Is this a wage reality of anti-Semitism in Europe? There is no point to trigger baseless speculations. It is true that Americans may dilute their engagements with Middle East. They have already shown the some small indications. Anyway, Jews may have to face this though time ahead.


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