EVO’s charisma fails, Bolivia to get a new hero soon: says exit-polls


Bolivian socialist supremo Evo Morales may lose the referendum seeking an additional term in office; says exit-poll survey report. The survey predicts that the charismatic President of the country would loss the referendum on a narrow margin. Even though several agencies have different opinion about the loss percentage, majority of them asserts that it won’t go beyond 53%. Meanwhile, giving hopes to the pro-socialists, the supremo’s deputy expressed extreme trust in the calibre and charisma of his leader. He reminds that his boss is the first native President of Bolivia. If the President could sustain the referendum-test, he can enjoy power till 2025. And, it will be his fourth consecutive term in office. The socialist polices implemented by President Morales has delivered positive growth to the ailing economy. Currently, the country’s economy is moving in a stable and remarkable pace of five percentages. Bolivian president has successfully reduced the poverty rate, corruption and racial discrimination, which was hunting the region until mid-2004, from the rural regions of the country. Even though opposition alleges some illicit deals in a Chinese construction firm’s project in the county, the leader has tactically evaded the allegation by ordering an open probe in the issue. However, the exit-polls gave great satisfaction to the opposition parties and they celebrated the news with high hopes. Experts claim that even if the supremo would fail the referendum, he can still continue in his office until 2020. He would, most likely, find a loyal successor from his party and would continue to enjoy power, they added. A charismatic personality like him cannot take a retirement from the public life unless and until his followers diches him, they further added.   However, the ruling party didn’t lend too much ears to the exit-polls and the opposition celebrations. They are firmly standing behind their socialist hero.


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