Financial crisis, superstition transform Badi into ‘Suicide Village’

Over eighty percentage of the village population in our country depends up on agriculture or agro-related activities for their livelihood. As we all know, agriculture is largely becoming a non-profitable business. The decline in agricultural revenue mostly affects this ailing village-population. Here, Badi, a village in Madhya Pradesh, has completely transformed into a ‘Suicide Village.’ Financial crisis emerged due to agricultural failure and superstitious believes dominated in the village society can be accused as the prime reasons of this unfortunate transformation. In the past one year, this village had witnessed nearly three hundred and eighty-one suicides. The misfortune has not even omitted the sarpanch. As per reports, around two months ago the head of the village had committed suicide by hanging himself on a tree. At least eighty people committed suicide in last three month alone. Notably, there are around three hundred and sixty families in the village. But, we cannot spot at least a single house or family which had not suffered a suicide. Experts declines the superstitious theories created by the fellow villagers to explain the causes of the misfortune. They claim that poverty, financial crisis, agricultural failure, and droughts are the main reasons that pulled these villagers into the suicide crisis. It is learned that Badi is one of the ‘two hundred and fifty’ backward villages in the country. However, until and unless the government articulates a feasible policy to strengthen the village economy and agriculture, this crisis will continue rampantly.



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