German anti-immigrant leader booked for hate speech

German far-rightist leader Lutz Bachmann is booked for triggering anti-immigrant crimes through hate speech. He is the founder of the anti-Muslim organisation, named Pegida. The prosecution alleges that the forty two year old leader raised hate speech through his Facebook post. As per reports, the rallies organised by his organisation have attracted large crowd across the country. Even though he enjoys enormous support in the nation, his rallies often faced powerful backlash from the common public. Recently, in a separate incident, around five anti-migrant workers were arrested for plotting attacks against the migrant hostels. The attack against the migrant camps and leftist workers are largely becoming a usual incident in interior Germany. Mostly, the far rightist workers are the main culprits behind this unfortunate difficulties happening against the migrants, says report. It is learned that the anti-migrant and the anti-Muslim movement is rapidly spreading in the European region. Meanwhile, it is found that Bachmann have a bad criminal track record. He was several times convicted for burglaries and drug related crimes. Anyway, now, he holds a prominent position in the German political spectrum. Reports say that several supporters of the far rightist organisation gathered outside the court premises to offer their support to their favourite leader. According to report, last year alone, the refugee camps of the migrants in Germany have been mercilessly attacked nearly a thousand times. However, experts say that rising right wing activism and anti-Muslim movement in Europe makes it hard for migrants to sustain in EU countries.




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