German lower house to amend rape law after ‘no means no’ campaign

In order to seal the loopholes in the rape laws, the German lower house is planning to amend the law after the famous ‘no means no’ campaign. The existing law, section 177, is not clearly defining the term ‘consent’. It means that even if the victim proves she has denied consent by saying ‘no’, it may not be sufficient to prove the crime. So, the new law attempts to give a solution to this problem.

According to a survey report, only ten out of hundred rape cases are reported before the authorities. Survey report added that nearly ninety per cent of the reported rape cases are eventually quashed due to loopholes in the rape law.The report observed that the law exerted extreme focus on whether the victim gave consent or not.With the new amendment, the authorities attempts to declare that a simple statement of resistance, like ‘no’, may be enough to prove that the victim resisted the crime.In a crucial case that has triggered wide outcry across Germany, the renowned model, Gina-Lisa Lohfink, was denied justice in a ‘drug-rape’ case, and even fined for giving false testimony.Though the prosecution has presented the video of the incident, they have failed to state that it was a non-consensual sexual activity.Anyway, it is learned that the Cologne attacks have prompted the Germans to press for a new legislation.Meanwhile, the experts observe that the new law may not be effective in the drug rape cases where the victims are often incapable to express any resistance.



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