German minister presents proposal seeking burka ban


 In what could be termed as a far-rightist proposal, the German interior minister, Thomas de Maiziere, requested the government to impose a partial ban on the burkas. Meanwhile, he admitted that a complete ban on burka would be unconstitutional as per the German law, which respects all religions and religious practices. But, he asserted that the burkas would not fit into the German social concepts, which supports liberal ideologies- equality and freedom. He called on every individual of the country to show their faces to their fellow co-inhabitants, instead of covering their faces.    According to the report, the preponderance of the Germans believes the burkas would badly hurt the social cohesion concept promoted by the European society. The special proposal presented by the minister requires the accent of the parliament to be established as a new law.

If approved, the law will prevent everyone from using the full veil, where only the eyes are visible, in public places like school, colleges, offices, and social occasions. It is learned that the governing body of the German has two opinions over the issue. Some members back the ban, and others strongly oppose it. In a report published by the Reuters, it quoted as the leader of Central Council of Muslim as saying; the German women rarely wear the burka. However, the report stated that there is no clear survey report available regarding the same. It is learned that the rightist lawmakers and some centre-rightist groups are doubtful about the Muslim migrants. It seems that they fear the huge Muslim migrant influx may alter the demography, culture, and even social concepts of the German society.      In contrary to the speculations, a survey finding reveals that over two-thirds of the migrant Muslim women do not wear the burka.





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