Germans express concern over Turk’s anti-Kurdish law  


The German government expressed concern over the controversial anti-Kurdish bill passed by the Turkish government. While attending the World Humanitarian Summit at Istanbul on last day, the German Chancellor Angele Merkel met her Turkish counterpart Tayyip Erdogan to discuss various issues, which requires immediate consideration and deliberation. Recently, the Turkish government had quashed the immunity given to the Pro-Kurdish MPs putting them vulnerable to terrorist charges. Reports say that the German chancellor conveyed his concerns to her Turkish counterpart and demanded immediate action over the issue. Some critics reportedly claim that with an anti-Kurdish law, Mr Erdogan is trying to expel all the pro-Kurdish leaders from the country’s parliament.

As per their view, Mr Erdogan strongly believes that the pro-Kurdish parties like People’s Democratic Party are virtually supporting the revolutionary Kurdish organisations like Kurdish Workers Party, which is categorized under terror groups by the western world. Experts say that The Turkish President considers Kurdish Workers Party as a potential threat to his authoritarian governance. Meanwhile, the German chancellor further demanded that the Turkish government must revamp its anti-terror policy. She asserted that the Turkish citizens will not be given visa-free travel to Europe until and unless the government successfully meet all criteria insisted by European Union. It seems that the German government is trying to use pressure tactics to implement an anti-terror legislature in Turkey. However, both governments have agreed to provide continuous cooperation on the migrant crisis.




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