Germany gives pension to Belgium’s former Nazi-collaborators, alleges survivors  



A Belgium based organisation comprising of Nazi survivors and democratic activists alleged that the German government is giving pension to the former Belgian Nazi-collaborators. Meanwhile, a Belgian minister has also raised similar arguments against the German government regarding the pension issue. He reportedly raised concern over the German government’s pension schemes, and demanded immediate action over the issue. While speaking to an International media, a senior Belgian minister claimed that the government did not possess any details regarding the pension schemes. He added that the German administration is directly controlling the pension and compensation funds channelized into the country from Germany.

Earlier, nearly fifty-seven thousand Nazi-collaborators were convicted by the Belgian government after the liberation movement that happened after the dreaded World War Two. History reads that the Belgians were recruited into the Nazi collaboration force, and it helped the Nazis to grab a powerful domination in the region. It added that thousands of Jews and democrats were mercilessly thrown into the concentration camps during the war era. Leon Degrelle was the leader of the collaboration force under the German domination. After the fall of Nazi, he fled to Spain to escape punishment. There he got an asylum under the dictator leader Franco. Meanwhile, Germans clarified that it is difficult to find the proper details of the benefiters of the pension schemes. Anyway, it is said that the German government provides lots of welfare funds including pensions, maintenance payments and compensations to the soldiers and victims.




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