Gold miners missing in Bolivar: Venezuelan troops set to probe

 Around twenty eight miners, who were working in a recently unveiled gold mine, reportedly went missing in Bolivar. Some local Medias reported that the missing miners were killed by a local criminal gang who were trying to nab the authority of the mine. According to the relatives of the victims, the miners had not reached home last week. They were supposed to visit home on last Friday evening, says report. Meanwhile, the government authorities claim that they didn’t get adequate evidence to conform any possibility of a massacre. Media quoted as Governor Francisco Rangel, the chief authority of the region, as saying; the authorities had not identified any substantial evidence to accept the massacre theory. He reportedly admitted that there were some clashes between the criminal gang and the security officials in the region. Anyhow, a top judicial authority asserts that the government had already constituted an investigation team to probe the matter. All the twenty-eight workers, who went missing, were the employees of Atenas gold mine. The relatives of the workers staged protest against the ruling pro-labour socialist government of the country. According to an eyewitness statement reported by a local media, the criminals shot the miners to death and carried the bodies away. Meanwhile, the opposition raised strong arguments against the ruling government, saying government is trying to cover-up the brutal mass murder. However, government ridiculed the allegation and retorted the argument, saying the opposition is irresponsibility exploiting the situation.


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