Govt to amend Identification of Prisons act

The Central government is planning to amend the Identification of the Prisoners act, which was initially validated in 1920 by the then colonial government. The new amendment will enable the authorities to grab the biometrics of all arrested persons in the country. Currently, the authorities cannot collect the biometrics details of a person until he is convicted by any court. Biometrics detail is a unique identification detail of a person. This detail includes earlobe geometry, retina, iris pattern, fingerprints, hand geometry. In some extreme cases, the detail will even collect the voice wave and DNA samples. Reports say that it is an effective measure to bring down the internal security threats. Currently, it is difficult to track the history of an arrested person or details of his past arrests unless he himself confesses about the details to the security agencies, it added. If the amendment is implemented, the authorities can easily grab such details, it further added. It seems that the government is trying to improve the police records system by injecting more technology into the information recording procedure. A source revels that the new amendment will give an unexpected improvement in the criminal tracking system and the counter terrorism measures. However, some feels that the government is aggressively intruding into the privacy of an individual.



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