Guatemala’s ex-President accepted bribe, alleges commission

Guatemala anti-corruption commission alleged that ex-supremo Otto Perez Molina has accepted bribe from a Spanish port conglomerate. Along with the former Supremo, his close aid, Vice-President Roxana Baldetti, is also implicated in the corruption case. It is found that through an illicitly obtained contract, the company have grabbed the opportunity to run a prominent port of the nation for around next twenty five years. International Medias reported that the former President was arrested by the authorities on last September over corruption allegations, immediately after his resignation from the post. As per reports, the ex-President had succumbed before a national wide anti-corruption protest led by opposition on last year. Meanwhile, it is learned that Mr Molina and Ms Baldetti strongly denied the corruption allegation levelled against them by the anti-corruption commission. However, Attorney General claims that Mr Molina along with his close aid hatched a conspiracy to perform organised corruption in the nation. Experts say that this Latin American country is severely tainted by the corruption and organised crimes. In 2006, International authorities had constituted a commission to revamp the judicial system. As per information, the process is still in progress. At the same time, the authorities have arrested the chief official of the Spanish port conglomerate. Anyway, he also denied the corruption allegations. Unsurprisingly, the duos are also facing another corruption case. The rising corruption allegations against the political elites of the nation put the country’s future in jeopardy.


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