Gulbarg massacre: court likely to pronounce punishment today

A special trial court hearing the infamous Gulbarg massacre is likely to pronounce the punishment to the convicts on today. Recently, the court identified that nearly twenty-four of the total sixty-nine accused are guilty in the crime. Moreover, it observed that eleven of the total twenty-four culprits had direct involvement in the murders. It is learned that other culprits were convicted for the associate charges like rioting, arson and unlawful assembly. Meanwhile, the court acquitted other thirty-six members including a BJP leader and a senior police officer. Notably, the prosecution filed to present adequate evidence to back the conspiracy theory conceived by the investigators. Anyway, they pleaded for the highest possible punishment while concluding their arguments in the court.

However, the defense lawyers appearing for the convicts requested the court to show mercy while considering the punishment. They reminded the court that the prosecution failed to establish the conspiracy theory so the crime cannot be categorized under the rarest of the rare. Over seventy people, including a former lawmaker Ehsan Jafri, were brutally killed in the fatal violence erupted during the 1992 Gujarat riot. Unfortunately, preponderance of the victims of the brutal massacre was women and children. Of the seventy victims, over thirty one dead bodies were not yet recovered. These fact exposes the seriousness of the crime. The incident sparked wide outcry across the world demanding justice to the minority community. Still, the Gujarat riot remains as the biggest taint on PM Modi’s successful political carrier, who was then the CM of Gujarat.




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