India navy rush to cyclone-hit ‘Sri Lanka’ with relief materials


 As Sri Lanka is helplessly suffering the aftereffects of a bad cyclone, India, its nearest neighbour, responsibly rushed to its help by sending two navy ships -INS Sunayna and INS Sutlej- loaded with aid materials. As per media report, the Southern Naval Command, based in Kochi, has prepared the rescue-relief plan. The rescue-relief team have been embarked to Sri Lanka from the Queen of Arabian Sea, report added. Recently, a rough cyclone, named ROANU, had badly affected the island country and left thousands helpless.

International Medias reported that nearly eighteen people have been killed and over hundreds reported missing in Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, our meteorological department warned that the southern states are extremely vulnerable to flood as rainfall still continues in these regions uninterruptedly. In addition, the authorities give alert warnings in coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Odisha. It is learned that the fisherman were advised to avoid risky venture until the weather conditions becomes stable. The centre government has reportedly asked the disaster and management departments to stay prepared to overcome any unexpected incidents. Earlier, an unprecedented flood in Tamil Nadu had contributed devastating effects in the life of the people. It seems that this time the southern states are keen to avoid destructive incidents because they have learned too much from Chennai floods.