India planned to attack strategic targets inside Pakistan during Kargil war


Indian forces, particularly Indian Navy and Airforce, had planned to attack strategic targets inside the Pakistan territory during the infamous Kargil conflict. As per report, the Indian Airforce was waiting for the final clearance after completing all required formalities.It is said that the pilots were given target details and the operation plan. Moreover, they had even prepared their final letter. But, the then NDA government, led by AB Vajpayee, had never issued clearance to the aggressive move. Instead, the cabinet committee had delivered strict directives to the IAF that it should not intrude into the Pakistan territory. It is learned that the IAF were directed to stay inside the Indian borders.

They were strongly instructed to avoid all possible provocative moves. In an exclusive report, it is noted that the then IAF chief, AY Tipnis, had personally requested government’s permission to make a slight aggressive move. During 1999 Kargil war, the Pakistan Army had intruded into the Indian Territory and established a well-fortified position in kargil heights. The report claims that the restraint strategy exercised by India has helped us to press for international pressure on Pakistan. The sensational report was initially published by NDTV. In its report, it revealed that the IAF was put on high alert for an aggressive attack on strategic locations inside Pakistan. It seems that the quick decision taken by the then NDA regime had averted huge crisis during the Kargil war.




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